The Art Program involves Paint and Drawing Techniques and is carefully structured with a balance of direction, guidance and flexibility.

The main painting medium taught in the program is Acrylics. However we also teach Watercolor, Mixed Media, Illustration and Digital Art.

At art'sKool, we value and recognize the importance of 'hands-on' learning. To facilitate this, there will be demonstrations, discussions and viewing of relevant selected artworks.. Where necessary and appropriate, we will adapt and tailor the on-going interests and develop expertise of the class and the individual members of the group.

Adult Painting Information


Includes painting materials

What to wear?
Casual, comfortable clothing and an Apron (Warning: this might get messy!)
Closed-toe shoes
Tuesday 9.30am
Tuesday 12pm
1/20 Everist Road, Ocean Grove, Victoria.
Contact us
1/20 Everist Road Ocean Grove, Victoria 3226 Australia
0435 819 369