ABOUTart'sKool Studio and Gallery

"The appreciation of the arts is the attribute of both a complete person and a healthy society."

Award-Winning Art School on the Bellarine Peninsula

At arts’Kool, we teach our students to explore their creativity through our art classes!

Students will learn how to apply visual art principles and elements and apply these methods to their artistic endeavours. Whether through paint, pottery, printmaking, or digital art , students will see their creativity flourish under our inspiring art educators’ guidance.

Award-Winning Art School - Our Purpose
The purpose of arts'Kool is to allow people both individually and in group settings to express their emotions, to socialise, gain confidence and self esteem through art and pottery programs.
At arts'Kool we empower our students to express themselves through the medium of their choice.
Unique Art Programs for Adults, Teens and Kids
art'sKool provides art programs with a difference. We believe everyone can create, so we offer art classes for all abilities, from absolute beginners to experienced artists. Using a wide range of techniques and mediums, our creative and encouraging staff help students to express themselves creatively.
Our art programs foster community giving our students (young and old), the opportunity to interact with like-minded folks who often develop into life-long friends. According to our students, it is a “happy safe place” where students can be themselves.

Unleash your artistic flair at art'sKool!

Social Skills and Confidence Building
Students often feel a tremendous sense of achievement creating which builds their self-confidence. And art is all about problem-solving - trying new techniques, adapting when the piece turns out differently than planned and deciding on colours to invoke the emotions you want to express.
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