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art'sKool Registration

Holiday Club starts July 5 2021 - art'sKool Term 3 starts July 19 2021

art'sKool Registrations

New clients please fill out this form to Register your details to book a class.

Important Notes To Registration

Payment Terms

An Invoice issued after Registration and is due 7 days before the event or Invoice date if after that date. Early payment guarantees a place as classes do fill up quickly. Failure to pay on time will result in cancellation to make the place available to others. Special needs and third party payment, such as NDIS, please call us to make provision.

Cancellation after Payment

Up to 7 days prior to Event, full refund. After that, talk to us. Non-attendance... No refund.

Trial Class for Term Classes

Available if you have not attended Term Class before and only available at our discretion depending upon numbers. Contact us first and specify Trial Class in Notes. An Invoice is issued for the full Class Term with due date of second week of term. Attend the first Class of a term and decide it’s is for you. If continuing (most do!) the Invoice is due and payable, otherwise cancelled.

art'sKool Registration Form

    Send Invoice To:

    If a Company or Organisation please provide that name

    If you have been Invoiced before, no need to provide Address - unless things have changed!

    Parent/Guardian or Adult Student Contact Details

    Select Class or Workshop from Drop-Down list

    Student Details

    If Child Student please add Birthday and Gender (it helps our planning!)

    If Child Student please add Birthday and Gender (it helps our planning!)