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Digital Art Class Notes


Digital Class - art'sKool Art Class

Students will need to have…

  • Apple iPad
  • Apple Pencil (stylus)
  • Procreate App

Any iPad will work unless it’s a very old model. Search the Internet for a list of suppliers of Refurbished iPads if you need to buy the item, possibly saving a great deal of money. See the list below but we advise not a iPad ‘mini’ as the smaller the screen, the harder to draw

As for stylus, we would advise an Apple Pencil. Apple Pencils are quite expensive (between $150 - $200) but they are the best for iPads. If you want to bring in an alternative stylus, make sure it will work with the Procreate App. Search the Internet for differences and maybe look for second hand Pencil to save some money.

There are 2 kinds of Apple pencils (1st generation and 2nd generation) to find out which one is compatible with your iPad, you can follow these steps

On the iPad open: Settings > General > About > Model Name

Once you know the model of their iPad you can Google what Apple pencil is compatible

The Procreate App costs $15 in the App Store and you will need to purchase the app for before class, download and install

Here is a list of iPad that are compatible with the Apple Pencils

Apple Pencil 1 Apple Pencil 2