ABOUT KazKaz McGlynn


Kaz is an award-winning and sought-after community artist based in Ocean Grove, who passionately advocates for disability rights through iconic public art displays and multi-disciplinary art programs for people of all abilities. From her Ocean Grove-based Kazworks Studio, Kaz has partnered with community-based organisations, the private sector as well as government bodies to strengthen community ties, promote healthy behaviours and develop meaningful long-term skills.

Incorporating equity, diversity and inclusion is at the heart of all her work and central to her education programs, work with communities and government and philanthropic funders. As one of the first recipients of the NDIS, Kaz does not only draw on her own, lived experience with mental health but offers arts programs for NDIS participants that celebrate their creative experiences with dignity, respect and pride.

With a career as an artist and arts educator spanning more than 30 years and working collaboratively with community groups, Kaz has proudly touched the lives of thousands of students. Paving the way to independent living, Kaz has supported many students share, sell and exhibit their art.

art'sKool at Kazworks Studio is an inspiring, unique community space in Ocean Grove.

Believing that one’s quality of life improves when there is a healthy, thriving arts community where people come together, Kaz created arts’Kool at her space Kazworks in Ocean Grove in 2016.

Over the years, Kaz, alongside her team, have grown art’sKool into a healthy, thriving arts community where people come together to create and grow. art’sKool programs and workshops are for anyone regardless of age or ability.

Experienced Art Educators
Lauded for their inclusive, safe and empowering teaching styles, Kaz and her team of professional teachers aim to instil pride and confidence in every student.

Kaz and her team help students on their journey of self-discovery and growth whilst they learn multiple art and pottery techniques, incorporating the principles and elements of design. An accomplished creative herself, Kaz believes people young and old can bloom when they express themselves through artistic endeavours such as painting, pottery, or digital art.

Student success
The students of art'sKool have been very successful in many local and national exhibitions, winning numerous art awards. Our students have produced paintings, sculptures, ceramics, public art installations, and other creative products. You will find many of their works in our shop.

“The appreciation of the arts is the attribute of both a complete person and a healthy society.”
– Kaz McGlynn

NDIS Supporter
art’sKool is an NDIS service provider of art classes to the broader Geelong community. Kaz has
created an inclusive art program for people with disability and lived experiences of mental

Kaz’s own identity and lived experience of mental health are expressed through the creative arts. So it comes as no surprise that she has become a role model, mentoring those with disabilities through creative expression. A well-known leader and respected member of the community, Kaz personally teaches the inclusive art programs which art’sKool offers.

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